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Make Your Blog More Attractive With These 7 Visuals

Make Your Blog More Attractive With These 7 Visuals

Make your blog more attractive with these 7 visuals

Sometimes when creating content, you can get carried away with so much detail that you end up with a chunk of text that looks blocky and unappealing.

Below are 7 different types of visuals you can use to make your blogs more alluring to the eye, ensuring people stay on your page and take something in even if they're quickly scanning over it.


How You Can Make Your Blog More Attractive

1. Data-Driven Visuals

In an industry where information is vital to specifiers, sometimes too much all in one go can be overwhelming. This isn’t to say you don’t need to provide as much detail but rather in a different way.

Consider a specifier researching your product at night, they’ve been looking for a while and just want the information they need to be presented clearly. They’ve exited every page that has the answer written in big chunky blocks as their brain didn’t scan it in time to recognise that it was useful.

Data-driven content presents information in forms such as charts or graphs, making it easier for your audience to comprehend your message than with text alone.

charts-constructin marketing - growth agency - building products


2. Infographics

Similar to data visuals are infographics, although they can also include graphs and charts they are far more engaging and allow you to present information quickly.

They are easier to use if your data can’t be presented in a graph or chart and you want to make it more engaging, as by adding images/characters and colours you improve cognition.

Wondering how you can use an infographic?

Infographics work best with the less amount of data you have as the icons and illustrations support your message.

An example of this could be a step by step of your sales process, a delivery time journey, a project overview, a testimonial, a step by step of the manufacturing process, a way to present research findings and more.

Below is a snippet from a report ‘The State Of Building Product Digital Marketing’. You’ll probably agree that you’re naturally drawn to the 2 statistics on the right as they’re supported by images and colour.

state of building products report snippet - growth agency construction marketing



When you receive quotes from creating great case studies, make sure you show them off. By turning them into a visual image with a picture of the person and their quote you make them more likely to be seen and read.

Whereas if you just include them within your main body of text they will go unnoticed and not be read. At the very least make the font bold, bigger and a different colour and ensure the quote has its own paragraph.

You can not only use quotes from people that you’ve completed a job for but people and companies you've work with too. Quotes are great for breaking up big chunks of content and add some evidence to the points you make.

quote snippet - growth agency construction marketing

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4. Videos

Video is huge in content marketing, with social media being big advocates of it. It can be used in a number of ways within construction marketing, giving you the opportunity to be seen as the expert within your sector.

An example of this could be a testimonial from a completed project, including the customer and installers comments on how your company has helped.

It could also include product information/demonstrations or behind the scenes of manufacturing, anything that educates the visitor further and is relevant you should include.

Another option is to film yourself talking through the blog, some people may not want to read a blog, but would be quite happy to sit and watch a 5-minute video including the same information.

This also gives you the opportunity to support each point you’re saying with added imagery by editing the video.

Leigh video youtube - construction amrketing growth agency


5.  SlideShare Presentation

The majority of companies have presentations available on file, but are you making the most of them? Is there information on there that visitors to your website would benefit from? If so then include them in your blogs, of course only where relevant to the topic.

Sales and marketing teams spend time creating presentations so don’t let them go to waste. Some may need slightly tweaking to suit the topic but will provide a lot of useful information to your visitor.

You may be considering that you would happily send a potential prospect the presentation after they enquire and you have their contact information. But you could be missing out on a lot of leads by putting up that barrier.

Consider a specifier researching your product at 8 pm at night, if they have to fill in a form to see if they qualify to view the presentation, then they will simply go elsewhere. The way people get information has changed, they want it and they want it now.

Read our blog on Beyond Digital: Growing Your Building Products Brand to discover ‘The Age Of The Curious’ and ‘The New Buyer’. It summaries a talk Insynth held with Barbour Building Products, note at the end of this blog we included the slides to the whole presentation for those who couldn’t attend.

Slideshare presentation - construction marketing growth agency


6. Illustrations

You’ll most probably have illustrations and BIM objects on your website for your visitors to access, so why not include them in your blogs too. They provide additional information and allow the reader to be educated further in your company and how you work.

If you have project drawings/sketches from previous projects show them as an example to demonstrate the process and structure you follow.

The more evidence you can give to a potential prospect the more confident they will feel in their decision with choosing you to work with.

blueprint-constructin marketing - growth agency - building products


7. Photos

Last but not least is of course photos, sometimes the most basic of visuals can break up a piece of copy to make it more appealing to read. It also draws the eye in to focus, much like white space between paragraphs.

Make sure you optimise your images for SEO and try and use original pictures as they are more trustworthy.

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Above is 7 visuals that can be included in blogs, why not try just 1 or 2 on your next blog and see if it improves the time people spend on the site.

Think about how you research things in your own time, are you more likely to read a big block of text or read content that is split up with relevant images, charts and graphs. You want to me the reading experience as easy as possible so your visitors can continue to educate themselves in your company.


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