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Live @ #INBOUND18: The Future Of Marketing

Live @ #INBOUND18: The Future Of Marketing


Hosted by Sangram Vajre, co-founder of Terminus, The Future of Marketing is an Inbound 2018 talk focusing on how to gain the focus and attention necessary to implement an effective marketing strategy that will continue to grow into the future in the ever changing digital marketing landscape.

The lesson to be taken from Sangram's talk is to go forward to change attitudes and approaches to marketing to make it a better understood industry in the future.

Sangram Vajre 

Sangram Vajre

Sangram is a speaker, author and co-founder of Terminus.

He hosts a daily podcast titled Flip My Funnel  and is the author of a book about account-based marketing published by Wiley and is also the Founder of #FlipMyFunnel movement.


The Brutal Truth

Sangram states that if you are working in a B2B company then you can’t just label yourself as either a sales representative or a marketing executive. You have to be marketing AND sales.

Your job can't just be about marketing your company to the client; you have to sell your product or service as well. After all, in B2B companies the value of your marketing is defined by the volume of sales.

Marketing and sales are often seen as two different things.

This is a mindset that we need to breakout of and understand to be effective as a business we have unite the image of sales and marketing in our minds. 


B2B is ABM

ABM stands for Account Based Marketing.

It's sales based and is the starting point of the mindset that sales and marketing can't possibly be the same thing. 

For customers this means that they are unable to fully trust in a business because the company trying to sell to them has a division based attitude about their internal make-up. 

Sangram's ambition is to make ABM no longer stand for account based marketing, which is sales driven and all about the numbers at the bottom of a page, but to instead turn it into authenticity based marketing. 

What Is Authenticity Based Marketing?

Authenticity based marketing is about creating trust between yourself and your clients.

It is also about adding value to your customers by uniting your company. 

To practice being authentic you should be focusing on adding forms to your site as much as possible.

The Power Of Marketing

Sangram believes that marketers have the power to close a deal, just as much as a sales representative.

By properly targeting your marketing and bringing in the right leads you will be handing sales a lot of leads that are more likely to be closed if you weren't practising inbound. 

Inbound is customer focused. Your customer targeted marketing will eventually end up in the hands of a sales representative in the form of a lead. 

Through personalised marketing, which Sangram believes is a key part of the future of marketing, we can connect on a more personal basis with the customer and encourage them to make a purchase.  


How To Be Authentic

To practice being authentic you should be focusing on adding forms to your site as much as possible. This gives the customer's chance to tell you about themselves. 

Additionally, fill your site with information about yourself.

Have pages that are about you, your company, you story and your mission. The customer will find these pages and learn about you as your are learning about them via the forms. 

The more you and your customer know about each other; the better the relationship between you and them is going to be.

You will have a greater understanding of their needs and, as a result, be able to provide them a more uniquely tailored experience that exactly meets their requirements. 

Sangram also believes that LinkedIn is part of the future of marketing.

Connecting with a person on LinkedIn builds a bridge between the two of you in which you can speak and interact on a level that is personal because of the social nature of the site. 

By setting up and using your LinkedIn to connect with potential customers you will be able to interact and share content with each other and understand the needs that your company needs to meet for them. 



Sales and marketing cannot continue to exist as two different teams. To be fully customer centred and completely authentic you have to be one team.

By combining and working as one team B2B companies can succeed to a higher standard because their customers will be able to see a more united front when they approach you. 

One team means more trust and more authenticity in your company which is what the clients want.

To future-proof your marketing you have to be authentic.


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