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Construction Marketing: Insynth's Top 7 Blog Posts Of 2018

Construction Marketing: Insynth's Top 7 Blog Posts Of 2018

Insynth's Top 7 Blog Posts Of 2018

In 2018, Insynth were blogging extensively to promote content marketing for construction and how inbound marketing can benefit the building products sector.

We’re kicking off 2019 with a reflection of last year’s blog posts and revisiting the most successful pieces we produced.

In total we wrote 146 blog posts- averaging 3 every week-, generating huge volumes of traffic to our site. We thought it was be a great start to 2019 if we shared our top 7 blog posts with our readers!

Read on to find out more!

1. Top UK Architectural Titles For Promoting Your Content

Top 10 UK Architectural Titles For Promoting Your Content

In March 2018, Insynth published The 2018 Insynth Construction Digital Media Grader; a detailed guide to the best architectural publications in the UK.

The guide ranks 49 of the top media titles in the sector and is designed to help construction marketers plan their PR & advertising schedules and media promotions. This was the most read blog post for Insynth in 2018, generating a huge amount of coverage! The grader guide itself was downloaded over 200 times!

We’re currently working on production of 2019 version of Construction Digital Media Grader; so watch this space!

Click here to download your free copy today!


2. Construction Marketing Tips: Buyer Profiles And Buyer Personas

Construstion Marketing Tips

Understanding who you want to sell to is a key element to success in construction marketing. Without this; you can’t choose the right direction for your content creation, and risk attracting customers who aren’t the right fit for you.

This is where buyer personas and buyer profiles come in. They’re an effective way of identifying the type of prospects that you want to sell to and helps you to develop a content strategy that will take that potential client through the buyer’s journey and successfully convert them into a customer.

This has been one of our most successful blog posts of 2018, this blog post explores what buyer personas and buyer profiles are and gives you insight into how creating them can hugely benefits your business. You can also download a free guide to creates buyer personas through this post!

Would you like to find out more? Click here to read this blog post in full!


3. Construction Marketing Tips: A Beginners Guide To Link Building

Construction Marketing Tips_ A Beginners Guide To Link Building (1)

Having a strong foundation on which to build your authority in the building products market is essential to successful construction marketing.

To climb the Google rankings and improve your domain authority to levels that establish you as an expert in your field, it’s vital that you get high quality links coming into your site!

In our third most successful blog post of the year, Insynth explored why link building is important and examined the most effective ways to successfully achieve quality backlinks.

Would you like to know more about building up your brand’s domain authority? Click here to read this blog post in full!

Construction Marketing West Midlands | Insynth Marketing | Shifnal, West Midlands


4. What Is A Building Product Directory?

 What Is A Building Product Directory-1

Building specifiers such as architects and engineers, need to carry out research to help them to select and specify building materials for construction projects.

A building products directory helps to guide that research and enables specifiers to get the information they need from a detailed source.

In this blog post, Insynth explored the importance of a building products directory and examined why they should be seen as a more than just a listings site.

The result; a huge volume of interest around the subject of products directories!

Wondering how a building product directory could help you? Click here to find out more!


5. Are Online Building Products Directories Worth Paying For?

Are Online Building Product Directories Worth Paying For_-1

Marketing budgets are often under pressure, having to stretch to give you the best possible chance of creating a successful construction marketing campaign.

This often raises the question of building product directories and if they’re worth the investment.

Curious to understand this question ourselves, Insynth carried out detailed research to find out about benefits of building products directories and if the investment required to use them was worth it in the end!  

Plenty of people were curious to find out more about this subject, making this blog post one of our top performing publications of 2018!

Wondering what the answer was? Click here to find out!


6. How To Develop A Construction Marketing Strategy

 How To Develop A Construction Marketing Strategy-1

Construction inbound marketing isn’t something to just jump into without thinking; it takes consideration and strategic planning to make sure that you can accurately create campaigns that will help your building products company to grow better.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be a huge burden that you and your team have to bear for months and months.

Because we’re always looking to help our readers learn more about how they can grow and develop their businesses, we put together this blog post as a guide to developing a successful construction marketing strategy that would help them to grow better.

You could too; click here to find out more about strategy development!


7. Lazy Marketing Is Killing Trade Shows

Exhibition Stand With No Visitors (1)-1

Trade shows are a consistently popular networking and marketing opportunity for construction businesses across the country.

But when Insynth visited a trade show in March 2018, we found that exhibitors weren’t putting in the effort in to attract potential clients in and were instead standing around ignoring passers-by.

In this blog post we’ve explored how you can make more of trade shows by injecting some energy into your presentations and making more of the opportunity the shows give you.

Click here if you’d like to find out more about how you can make trade shows part of your construction marketing strategy!



In 2018 Insynth blogged over 140 times, delving into the world of construction marketing across a variety of topics.

These top 7 blog posts explore a range of subjects from trade shows, to product directories to link building. In 2019 we’re going to be blogging even more, bringing you the best in opportunities to grow better!

Would you like find out more about how construction marketing can help you in 2019? Click on the CTA below to speak us today!

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