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How To Re-Purpose Blogs For Building Products Social Media

How To Re-Purpose Blogs For Building Products Social Media

How To Re-Purpose Blogs For Building Products Social Media - digital marketing construction marketing Insynth

If you’re actively creating content for blogs, you may struggle to find the time to create new content for social media too. When creating content, its quality over quantity so you might have spent a lot of your valuable time on writing a blog.

To ensure you get the most out of your blog content, below are a few tips on how you can re-use material to create social media posts.

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Make Sure You’re Sharing On Social Media

Before we get into actually reusing the content from your blog, its worth pointing out that you should be sharing your blogs on your social media platforms.

Don’t limit your blogs to just being posted on the site. Post it on social, get employees and friends to share it to increase the amount of people it reaches.

A tip for making your blogs more appealing is to create a header with the blog title on. If you set this as your featured image on your blog it will appear as the image on the preview link when posting on social, like below.

Share Blogs On Social Media Too Boost Engagement | Digital Marketing Agency For Construction And Building Products Industry | Shropshire

Bite Sized Information Is Easier To Read

Your blog may have been 500 words or 1500 words, either way they're too long to post onto social.

One reason is because the likes of Twitter cap the amount of characters you have, another is because anyone who sees a post that long, is likely to scroll past.

Instead of presenting your audience with the whole blog, entice them with interesting stats, facts and findings. This will tease them to find out more by reading your blog.

You could even include a quote as a bite sized chunk of content that’s easy to take in.

Make sure you take the most shocking or interesting fact or quote from your blog. This will make sure it stands out, increasing the chance of your blog being read.

With this method you can use it multiple times for one blog, taking different information from the sections of your blog.

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Use Images To Highlight Interesting Information

Images are a must on social media, with very little companies sharing text only posts. Images allow people to take in information quicker as its not presented as standard text.

If you’re creating a post and you don't have any images that can be used to support your message then you can create an image and use a quote.

This is a tactic many companies use to make their content stand out with the use of visual colour, fonts, and stylish info-graphics.


The above tweet is an example of this, you may have scrolled past it and read the text on the image only and not even registered the caption. Or you may have read the text on the image then looked back to the caption. If so then you understand how our brains can prioritise visual over text. 

Platforms like Canva allow you to create images for free. You can apply a background, select a key piece of information or a quote you want to share and post it.

The social media platforms themselves and the users prefer images to plain text.


Turn Your Blog Into A Video Format

Although the platforms favour image over text, they favour video over everything. Video allows you to present yourself as a person rather than a company.

People buy from people.

By simply recording yourself reading your blog, you increase the chances of being seen as you’re appealing to those that don’t want to read but will listen.

Make sure you don’t read it word for word from a piece of paper in front of you but instead have the bones of the blog in notes and talk in a conversational way. This way people are more likely to stay engaged if you’re not monotone.

Audio-books are up 44% from last year, revealing that many people have time to listen as they multitask but not to read.

Imagine a prospect is on their commute and the train just pulled in at their stop. They just started reading your blog but they now have to stop as they can’t walk and read.

However if it came up as a video and they started watching, they could quite easily continue listening whilst they get off their train and walk on.

The building products industry can be quite technical and hands on, this is where video can be utilised. Don't feel like you have to have a studio set up to record yourself, as long as its clear to hear you and there's no background noises then get samples and examples involved.

Give it a try with one blog  and see if you reach more people and generate more engagement than you normally do.



Blogs can sometimes take a long time to write as writing doesn't come naturally to everybody. With this also comes research around the technicalities of the topic to ensure what you're saying is true and factual.

After writing and posting your blog, you shouldn't consider it done. As a minimum you should be promoting that blog on all social media platforms that you and your company are present on.

You can then re-purpose the material to get the most out of the valuable content you created. Any info-graphics or supporting images can also be used as individual posts enticing people to find out more by reading your blog.

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