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How to Make the Most Out of Your Tech Stack for Your Construction Business

How to Make the Most Out of Your Tech Stack for Your Construction Business

Now, more than ever, multiple areas of business across an array of industries are reliant on technology - which is why your tech stack needs to be right. Within building product companies, the right tech can make it possible for construction projects to continue.

With so many options out there, and such a reliance on digital, your tech stack has become almost essential to your business, and you may not even realise it.  

What is a tech Stack?  

Firstly, you may be asking, what is a tech stack? By definition, a tech stack is a term used to describe the tools, services, software, hardware, coding languages, operating systems and programs used by a company to build an application.  

It's known as a stack because each component builds on top of one another, thus stacking up. In theory, it is everything you use for your business that involves different types of technology. 

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What goes into a tech stack?  

Usually, a tech stack is everything involved in your business that uses technology, however, in this series of blogs, we will be focusing on the marketing tech side of it, and create a “buyers guide” for the best marketing tech for your construction business.  

 The key components of marketing tech cover:  

The main purpose of these tools is to make your marketing run effectively, and we’re going to highlight the best ones for you, factoring in costs and what you get for your money.  

We will also outline the main advantages of each tool, and compare them to others in the market, to give you a comprehensive overview of the options out there for your business, and how important they are.  


Benefits Of Having a Tech Stack 

There’s an endless number of benefits to having the best tech stack available to you, from increased communication, using tools such as Slack. Or increased productivity, with smarter working tools, such as Click Up or Monday, which are task management tools. 

As well as being able to track your teams sales and calls with HubSpot, having your sales pipeline and marketing activity all in one place gives you a broader overview of your business.   

Analytics tools can help you spot trends in your business, enabling you to adapt or capitalise on them.

Video and graphic design tools can be used for marketing campaigns or social media, enabling you to show off a range of different aspects of your business.  

 The benefits of a tech stack are limitless to your business, which is why getting it right is so important.



Your tech stack is important, get it right and your business will thrive, get it wrong and your business could struggle, especially with the recent shift towards digital work, whether that's buying online, or working from home.  

This blog series will help you understand your tech stack, and may even help you improve it. We’ll take a deep dive into each key component to arm you with the best tools for your building products business. 

HubSpot is a great foundation to build your tech stack. It's a completely free CRM system and really user friendly, so why not give it a go?

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