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How To Gain CPD Accreditation For Your Building Product

How To Gain CPD Accreditation For Your Building Product

Before we begin, I should outline that gaining CPD accreditation isn’t mandatory. You can still create a CPD without accreditation. You can still deliver value without accreditation. You can still increase specification without accreditation. CPD doesn't have to come from, be accredited by, or approved by the RIBA, for example, to count.

However, many organisations across all industry sectors decide to gain accreditation for various training courses. This is mainly because it is a recognised approach to learning and almost a ‘seal of approval’ for anyone looking to help educate people on new trends, initiatives or practices.  

For anyone considering getting their building product CPD accredited, this blog sets out to explain the process, the positives, and the considerations.

Phase 1: Consultation

Firstly, the provider will require an informal consultation. This is to ensure that your proposed CPD is suitable and appropriate. For providers such as RIBA, this may include assessing whether it fits into one of the ten core Curriculum topics.

During the consultation, the CPD team will discuss the structure of your training, how it’ll be delivered and the key objectives.

Once approved as an accredited CPD provider, you can then submit training courses to the Assessments team to start the accreditation process. Materials required will generally include presentation slides, handouts and any additional training course notes.

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The Accreditation Process

When you submit your CPD to the Assessments team, they will evaluate the materials and provide advice to improve the CPD in any way.

This is mainly to ensure all courses provide educational value, have clear learning objectives and are structured coherently.

If your CPD doesn’t meet the required standards, you will be provided with detailed feedback to improve your session.


When Your CPD Is Accredited…

When you have completed the accreditation process, you will receive a certificate to say that you’re ‘CPD Certified’. This demonstrates that the learning meets the required standards and guidelines.

At this stage, your course will be listed in the CPD Courses Catalogue and added to your CPD Member Directory profile.


The Cost of an Accredited CPD

The answer to this isn’t readily available on the CPD UK website. The website states,

“The CPD Service provides a range of cost effective CPD fees and subscriptions to suit your budget. Membership levels are determined by an initial dialogue resulting in recommendations for your most effective routes to market”.

This suggests that your CPD package can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.


The Benefits of Being an Accredited CPD Provider

There are numerous benefits to being an accredited CPD provider, which I have highlighted below:

  • It provides recognition and increased brand perception
  • It promotes a healthy learning culture for your organisation.
  • It’s available on the CPD provider’s website, giving you a healthy backlink, increasing your Domain Authority.
  • You get invited to member networking events.
  • You get support on how to improve and deliver a great learning experience for all future CPDs.


Things To Consider About CPD Accreditation

Ultimately, the key consideration about CPD accreditation is cost. Do you have the budget to be a CPD accredited provider? We recommend you think strategically about this. Divide the cost of the accreditation by the number of leads you normally generate through CPDs. If it works out to be a worthwhile investment, then go for it!

However, there are a range of benefits to hosting your own CPD on your website (without gaining accreditation).

  • You can still gain increased brand perception
  • You can decide how you promote it
  • You can host your CPD on your website with a form on a landing page (capturing contact details)
  • You can save money on accreditation costs
  • You can monitor participation more closely
  • You can track engagement easier with content hosted on your website


Conclusion: The Choice is Yours

No matter which route you go down, digital CPDs are a great way to demonstrate thought leadership and position yourself and your company as a trusted advisor. This greatly increases your chances of specification.

For those seeking to convert their existing CPD into a digital format, or even if you’re considering delivering a CPD from scratch, why not talk to an expert today about your available options?

With our extensive range of CPD creation packages, we will work alongside you to create a solution that works for you.

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