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How To Avoid The Seven Sins Of Construction Marketing Agency Selection

How To Avoid The Seven Sins Of Construction Marketing Agency Selection

Are you researching marketing agencies and looking for a construction marketing agency to bring reality to your building product growth goals?

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, Insynth are a specialist construction marketing consultancy. We use our in-depth construction industry knowledge to fill your content with relevant contextstrategies and technical and creative expertise

We understand the construction industry in ways that traditional agencies don't. With our know-how, we turn good construction campaigns into great construction campaigns.

You're probably carrying out gap analysis, shortlisting the construction marketing agencies with potential in a geographic radius (there aren't many!), reading up on agencies' existing clients. Great. But while it's simple to evaluate agencies, have you thought about how you are presenting your company to potential partners? 

Could you unknowingly be committing one of the seven sins of construction marketing agency selection?

These tend to arise when companies are so busy focusing on agencies that they forget about focusing on themselves.



What Are The Seven Sins Of Construction Marketing Agency Selection?

  • Ego: Believing that all construction marketing agencies should be honoured to work with you over other companies.
  • Rage: Not giving enough time for communication and becoming frustrated over subsequent misjudgements.
  • Binge: Jumping between marketing agencies instead of committing to the one(s) that is the best fit for you.
  • Duplicate: Wanting the same service that a construction marketing agency provided for another company.
  • Desire: Idealising another company's results instead of focusing on the growth of your own.
  • Idleness: Not taking on feedback from construction marketing agencies.
  • Materialism: Lifting ideas and concepts from a variety of construction marketing agencies.

How Can You Avoid The Sins?


1) Ego

As William Pollard said, 'learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.'

Don't expect agencies to prioritise you over other clients because of your current success. Being successful requires upkeep, constant learning and up-to-date research.

 2) Rage

Communication can be difficult when you're trying to convey complex messages, and a lot of communication takes place via technology, whether it be email, phone conversations or social media. It's easy to become frustrated when confusion arises. Keep your communication as simple as possible. Always clarify, and leave the most challenging questions for one-to-one sessions and conversations in person.

3) Binge

It's easy to get carried away when you receive multiple responses but resist the temptation to make an alteration during a construction marketing agency selection process. 

Remember that construction marketing agencies are as interested in how you fit as a client as you are interested in how they work as an agency.

 4) Duplicate

When selecting a construction marketing agency, companies often take note of how an agency represents another company. They measure that company's success and sometimes decide that they want to be just like them.  Don't fall into this trap; no two construction companies are the same, so no two construction companies will be represented in the same way. Invest your time into focusing on what is best for your growth prospects and who is the best fit for you. 

 5) Desire

Similar to the last point, don't idealise another company's campaign. 

Your goals should be different to theirs  and so should your campaigns. Be original. Always look at the other approaches.

By focusing on the best fit for your building products company, you'll develop your own original, achievable goals.

 6) Idleness

If you've requested detail, be prepared a) to receive it and b) to analyse it for your development. Don't waste this valuable information. Set aside the time you need to review the responses you receive from each marketing agency so that you can make the best-informed decision when selecting the agency for your construction company.

 7) Materialism

Don't lift the ideas you consider the best from construction marketing agencies' responses and provide them for the agency you would most like to work with. Most service providers staad, many B2B organisations now use multiple agencies for individual projects. This allows them to find the best fit over a more extended period, a more reliable selection process.

What experiences have you had with marketing agency selection? Let us know in the comments. 


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