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8 Practices To Improve Your Construction Content Marketing

8 Practices To Improve Your Construction Content Marketing

Follow These 8 Practices To Improve Your Content Marketing (1)-1

Now that we are 6 months into the year 2018, how well is your construction content marketing performing?  How are your content marketing campaigns coming along?  It's tragically common for advertisers and business visionaries to set far-reaching New Year's resolutions, only to see their motivation and exertion slack a couple of months later.

In order to enhance your business’ overall revenues, your content marketing strategies should be strong and effective.  If you feel your building materials company is struggling with this, here are some of the best practices to get back on track.


1. Quality Over Quantity

You may be hearing this too often, but it deserves to be reiterated every time: don't simply fabricate content for building content.  One of the most disappointing things organisations that embrace content marketing as a promotional strategy do is encourage quantity instead of quality.  Remember, it is better to post a single, yet meaningful, blog or infographic in a week than seven blog posts that offer little insight into your construction business and projects.


2. Think Beyond Blog Posts

While blogs and articles are common content marketing tools, they are just the tip of the content marketing iceberg.  There are numerous other tools such as infographics, whitepapers, videos, presentations, landing pages, email campaigns, and picture articles that you can publish to draw more visitors to your construction company.


3. Add Videos To Your Store

While we take a look at approaches to grow your content strategy and think beyond blog posts, we simply can’t deny the impact of video posts.  Research shows that in 2015, video traffic accounted for 66% of the world’s total traffic and was expected to account for 79% of the total traffic by this year i.e. 2018 (Next Level Marketing Communications). This is predicted to rise to 82% by 2021 (Business Insider.com). Video is one major opportunity for construction organisations to improve their content marketing.


4. Don't Disregard The Power Of SEO

Regarding SEO, there are lots of misconceptions based on how catchphrases or keywords ought to be used.  While you don't have any desire to return to the times of keyword stuffing, you shouldn't drop important keywords and catchphrases from your content.  Truth be told, content marketing only works effectively when the keywords used are well-suited and used appropriately in the content.

Build your content pieces around the keywords that are most relevant to your sector in the construction industry, but don't get hung up on attempting to streamline your content to a specific keyword density.  Use these magical words normally, and you'll see both SEO and content marketing do wonders for you.


5. Stress Less Over "Becoming a Web Sensation"

It's each advertiser's fantasy to have content that takes rounds on the internet and draws in millions upon millions of visitors.  In any case, if you're concentrating on this one, there's a decent possibility your audiences see what you're doing.

Instead of this, centre on how you can add more value for your devotees.  When you quit concentrating on tricks and begin building content that your users really need, you may find that the "becoming a web sensation" part falls into place without any issues.


6. Consider Paid Promotion

In case you're struggling to get your content seen,  consider that it may not be the nature of your pieces that is the sole culprit; sometimes it's the way you market your content.  Consider paid promotions to market your content effectively.


7. Archive Your Strategy

As per VM Interactive, digital marketing is crucial for any business with online existence.  However, your strategy doesn't need to be anything extravagant.  Indeed, even a three-page archive that spreads out your content marketing objectives and plans is superior to nothing.

As per the Content Marketing Institute, 53% of the best B2B content advertisers have a recorded strategy.  Advertisers who don't archive their strategy often report that content marketing simply isn't compelling for them.


8. Have Particular Business Objectives For Your Content

When entrepreneurs are asked what they want to achieve from their content, nine times out of ten, the answer is ‘more sales’ (Entrepreneur.com).  However, content marketing is not meant to serve this purpose and it barely does.  In fact, it is used to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.  Be more focused on these business objectives to get the most of content marketing.

 Guest post by Alex Kalavrezos

Construction content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign


How Can Insynth Help You Drive The Content Marketing Results That You Need?

When you sign up for Insynth's Inbound Starter Plan, you can trial inbound and world-class sales and marketing technology to gain traction with lead generation.  For less than the cost of one ad placement, or a fraction of the cost of a trade show, you can generate more high-quality leads than both combined would have produced.  For a small investment (not to mention our money back guarantee), Insynth will provide:

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  • Production of a quarterly Ebook or Whitepaper to drive lead generation.
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