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Email & Social Media For Your Building Products Brand

Email & Social Media For Your Building Products Brand

Email & Social Media For Your Building Products Brand

I’m sure there have been times where you’ve thought, ‘social media or email marketing: which is better for my building products brand?’

Rather than arguing over which one is better, let’s look at how we can integrate email marketing and social media for a better customer experience.

Digital marketing is most successful when you adopt a holistic view as it helps you to build a brand image.

And we can’t stress enough the importance of presence. Being present in as many places as possible will ensure that your journey to success is easier, and you’ll be at the front of your architects and specifiers’ minds.

Yes, Social Media And Email Is Different…

… but together, they can work to form a highly successful strategy.

Think of social media as a way of expanding reach, building trust and generating traffic opportunities.

Once that trust has been built to the point where you have their contact details, email will help to deliver a more personalised message, making it more efficient when it comes to sales communication.

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Using Social Media To Build Your Email List

Social media is a great platform to demonstrate the benefits of your newsletter to your followers.

There are some successful strategies to encourage followers to sign-up for your email updates. Firstly, people love an incentive, so be prepared to offer them a reason to join your newsletter.

This might be a free sample of your latest product or material; it could even be a free delivery option (if this is something that your building products brand offers) or it could be a discounted offer. Whatever the incentive, you want to give your followers a reason to engage with your emails.  


Embedding A Sign-Up Form On Your Facebook Page

This is surprisingly easy to do, and you don’t need any coding experience. Use an HTML app such as Static HTML-Thunderpenny.

From there, you can design your sign up and locate it in the place you think fits the most. A lot of companies decide to show the sign-up under the ‘about’ section.


Facebook Call-To-Action Button

An easily customisable ‘CTA’ button is available on the Facebook business page. As your aim will be to build up your email list, we recommend using ‘sign up’ as your CTA. 


Use Instagram Bio

More and more building products businesses are using Instagram as a tool to promote their products. After all, many building products have a strong visual impact.

instagram email marketing

Since Instagram only allows you to put links in your bio, we recommend that you create a carefully crafted post referring users to your bio.

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Pin Your Newsletter On Pinterest

We’re always surprised at the number of building products companies that don’t use Pinterest. With your offering being so visual, Pinterest is a great platform to showcase your work.

Create a dedicated pin that refers users to your landing page with a sign-up form. To monitor this closely, add a UTM tracking code.


It Works Both Ways

It might seem quite basic, but make sure you include your social media buttons at the end of your newsletter to let people know that you’re on social media, too. Consider writing a few words about the interesting things that can be found there so they know it’s worth joining.

email and social works both ways


Your Newsletter Could Show Your Social Media Content

Think about some of your better-performing social posts (i.e. the ones that received lots of likes and shares) and showcase your success in your newsletter to encourage your subscribers to engage with the content on your social media channels.


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Integrating your email and social strategy Is the best way to create a holistic experience for your architects and specifiers.

Having said this, you won’t get very far if the content isn’t out there to share in the first place. Talk to one of our experts today about how you can produce content that can be shared amongst your different marketing platforms.


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