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Creating Short Forms For Lead Generation

Creating Short Forms For Lead Generation

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When researching or shopping for building products online, we’re often faced with sign-up forms: Sign up to learn more, to access downloads, to create an account that will make your shopping experience easier.

Sometimes these forms are simple: they take seconds to complete because they’re short, clear and user-friendly.

Other times, they require information that we don’t know off the top of our heads, we’re not sure exactly what certain forms are asking for, or they’re just so long that we don’t have time to complete them.

This is when we revert back to the Google homepage and look elsewhere.

People don’t like parting with their personal information at the best of times, and if your forms ask for too much too early in the buyer’s journey, your website visitors are likely to find what they’re looking for on a different website.

This leaves you with limited leads, limited customers and essentially, limited sales.

But, with short forms, your conversion rates will soar.

Let’s think carefully about what information you really need from your website visitors when they first sign up for something on your building products website.

When creating forms for your website, aim to use as few fields as possible. The less information visitors are expected to provide, the more likely they are to complete your form.

If you’re not going to contact leads by phone, don’t ask for telephone numbers. This is an off-putting field for many, who associate providing this data with unwanted cold calls.

If you’re not going to ship items to customers, you might not need to ask for physical addresses. The shortest effective forms ask simply for a name and email address. With this information, you can personalise your emails and tailor them to each stage of the buyer’s journey for each individual lead.

More Form Tips To Make Your Conversion Rates Fly

Optimise your forms with the following tips to fast-track your lead generation.

  • Include your privacy policy with your form to avoid any doubts that visitors might have (so, how will this company really use my data?) A clear privacy policy will reassure them.
  • Ensure your forms are mobile friendly, so as not to put off any mobile device users.
  • If it’s vital that you ask for specific data, consider including a label that gives a detailed description of this data, even explaining why you need it.
  • Format your fields so that they are suited to the data type. Which style is most appropriate: type-in fields, check boxes, calendars, drop-down menus?
  • Experiment with optional fields; this way, visitors who don’t feel all the requested data is necessary for them personally won’t have to input it.
  • Customise the CTA at the end of your form into a motivational action-orientated message that will draw visitors to submit the form.
  • Remove other distractions from your page. You don’t want your visitors to navigate away from your form.
  • Use a prefill function so that returning visitors don’t have to re-enter their data. This will make the conversion process even easier for them.

If you need more specialist advice to get your conversion rates soaring, book a meeting with a marketing expert to advise you on Insynth’s lead generation services.

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