Construction Marketing Tips_ A Guide To Buyer Profiles And Buyer Personas

Understanding who your perfect customers are is a vital part of your construction marketing strategy, but one that is often skimmed over or missed altogether. 

If you intend to tailor and segment your content and message to your different audiences, profiles and personas will be very useful.  So, what’s the difference between a buyer profile and a buyer persona?

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What Is A Buyer Profile?

A buyer profile is a description of your ideal customer using demographic data.  Profiles are great for segmenting and grouping target audiences and for conducting analysis of your marketing activity by sector.

You may look at geographic location, company type, company size, turnover, number of employees, age, the technology they use, etc.

The Buyer Profile data would normally be stored in the company and/or contacts sections of your CRM system.  Common fields are;

  • Company Activity
  • Sales Region
  • Address fields
  • Budget
  • Turnover
  • Job Title

What Is A Buyer Persona?

The buyer persona is a semi-fictional description of your ideal customer, as in the actual people you will be trying to attract and engage with.  They’re also described as marketing personas.

Personas try to tap into the psychology of your ideal customer or specifier, understanding what makes them tick, what their triggers are and how you should attract and engage with them.

It will try to reveal answers to key questions about your perfect customers too, such as;

  • The way they find new products
  • The way they evaluate new products
  • The way they select new products
  • The way they tell their peers about new products

In the construction industry, you would expect to have numerous personas, built around the different job roles involved in the specification and decision-making journey. 

The Specifiers Journey | Insynth Marketing | Construction Marketing Specialists

You may also find that you have multiple personas for different demographics in the same role, i.e. a millennial architect (aged 21-35) is likely to have different research habits to a baby boomer architect (aged 50+),

Consider the challenges they face each day, how they research and buy products, what social media they use (if the use any at all), where they find their news, who their influencers are, what are their likely emotional triggers, what time they are best reached, how do they prefer to be contacted, etc.

The finished persona should be a touchstone for every part of your sales and marketing activity, with everyone involved 'checking-in' to consider how the persona is likely to respond to your efforts to attract and engage with them.

We would recommend that everyone in the sales and marketing teams has a copy of all of your personas and fully understands them.

How Do You Create A Buyer Persona?

Buyer personas require research and a structured and consistent approach.

Insynth have produced a detailed guide to creating buyer personas, which is free to download. Click the banner below to get your FREE copy.


Get-Your-Free-How-To-Create-Buyer-Personas-Guide-Insynth Marketing-Construction-Marketing-Experts



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