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Construction Marketing Strategy: Using Classic Metrics

Construction Marketing Strategy: Using Classic Metrics

With so many new programmes and tech-stack to choose from, the classic metrics can easily slip through. Google Analytics will be the platform most familiar, as it's provided for free by Google, giving you an insight to who your website reaches and how they behave.

It can be easy to get carried away with new platforms and lose site of the bigger picture. This has created a demand to have all your key metrics in one place. 

We'll take a look at why metrics are so essential to your marketing decisions and how you can get clarity of what's working by having all your data in one place like your CRM system.

Vanity Metrics      

Before we dive into the available marketing metrics it’s first worth considering that some metrics may not be as good as they seem. For example,  if you can see you’ve gained 100 new Twitter followers in a month, it may not actually be commercially valuable.

You shouldn’t just take the data as it's presented to you for what it is. An in-depth analysis might reveal that actually, they’re all bots and spam accounts that have followed you, so you wouldn’t count this increase in following as a success.

It also doesn’t demonstrate if a follower has converted into a sale and what value they've added unless you have a CRM system such as HubSpot in place to track your ROI.


How A CRM System Can Streamline All Metrics

Used to it's full potential, your CRM can track progress on:

  • Sales opportunities or deals
  • PPC performance
  • Email performance
  • Website traffic performance
  • and more!

With this additional layer of data, you can start to link marketing activity and spend with actual quotations and orders influenced or generated.

This is key to understanding which marketing efforts are working best. You can see how they first engaged, what content caught their interest and if that led onto them viewing more.

The more you know about your prospects and how they behave and how they've become to be a customer, the better targeted you can make your future efforts.

HubSpot aligns sales and marketing in one platform. This is essential for measuring ROI on your marketing efforts. You can view your sales pipeline by source, so you can see how many of your deals have come through organic traffic, PPC, email and more.

This gives you the data, to push more in the areas that are working well and fix those that aren't.

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The Benefits Of Using Marketing Metrics

Traditional marketing typically consists of having an idea and pushing it onto your audience. Now marketing efforts are much more strategic.

You can use the data to drive your marketing decisions- by seeing what performs best with your audience- you can then do more of it.

Ultimately the metrics you use should give you an overview of each area, like email, social and PPC, highlighting which areas to improve.



Without using metrics you'll never know if your marketing efforts are contributing to the end result of sales. There is a wide variety of marketing technology (mar-tech) that can track all channels of outreach.

The easiest way to efficiently track and collate your data is to have it all in one place, like HubSpot. If you aren't in a position to move your channels into one you can also use Dashboards to collate all your data from different platforms into one place for you to easily see.

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