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Construction Marketing: Proven Content Strategies - Part 1

Construction Marketing: Proven Content Strategies - Part 1

Construction Industry_ Proven Content Promotion Strategies

Content marketing is increasingly becoming a successful method of digital marketing as it allows you to represent yourself as the experts within your specific sector. Meaning leads come to you more educated about your product.

Writing great content is a huge part of content marketing but there are also a number of strategies to help increase and grow your audience. Part 1 includes how forums, guest posting, re-purposing old content and segmenting your audience can increase your audience reach.

Create Amazing Content For Your Specific Audience

As big advocates of blogging, amazing content had to be the first point.

Not only good content, but the right content for your target audience. You need to put yourself in their shoes and understand their: mindsets, pain points, needs, problems, desires and habits.

The more you know, the more you can tailor your content to appeal to them, so start doing your research.

An easy way to find out how competitive your space is by simply googling it. Type in a specific keyword into Google and look what and who come up.

Have a look at the engagement within your space within the last months, weeks and days. Are people blogging and talking within your space?

Forums can also be a great platform to get familiar with how your audience are thinking.

Now you know what your target market want to hear, you can address it with more knowledge.

The next step is to write amazing content, which is easier said than done. The easiest way to ensure your content is above average is to study the competition’s content. When you want to write a blog about a specific topic, search it on google first to see what’s already being said about it.

Study each blog and gather the pros and cons from them, then you can draft a blog post outline that gives more value than they do.

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Industry forums are a great place to not only understand your audience but to engage with them too. Make sure you find the ones where people are spending the most time on as you have a higher chance of being seen.

Create a branded profile with your logo and brand name, then make sure you are being as helpful as possible. Don’t try and sell on forums as you’ll most likely get kicked off or your comments reported as spam.

Forums are about interacting and providing effective solutions, sometimes your product might not be the solution but by answering and being helpful you are representing yourself as a helpful and trustworthy source.

Of course you will need to insert links to your website but only if its relevant to the question being asked.

This is why content marketing can be really successful as your blogs could be answering those questions, and when linking to a blog your providing a nicer reading experience.

The more helpful you are, the more you traffic and leads you will generate over time.


Guest Posting

Guest posting can be a great way of reaching other like-minded professionals and individuals within your sector. By sharing knowledge, links and opportunities you are expanding the amount of people you reach.

It also allows you to connect with niche authorities who already have an established following and customer base. You get to tap into this audience and create awareness for your product.

Bear in mind the bigger the platform is, the harder it is to get on, so start by targeting smaller blogs or organisations that are more likely to partner with you.

Make sure when guest blogging that you always have links back to your own website with the appropriate call to actions.


Re-purpose And Update Old Content

Its been said before and will be said again, use what you already have. Especially if you are just starting out with blogging and creating content, its easy to update content than start from scratch.

Sometimes information becomes out of date, resources change, images haven’t been updated or links become broken. Go back and give old content some TLC.

Updating content can often improve your search engine rankings as the content has become authoritative due to how long its been online.

Tip: Its also a good idea to link back to old blogs to improve site traffic and brand reputation. Internal links encourage your readers to spend more time on your website becoming familiar with your product and service.


Segment Your Audience Through Different Landing Pages

Segmentation allows you to target different groups of people differently. For example different groups of people will have different product and solution needs.

A proportion of your website visitors aren’t customers, but some are. Your website content cannot be relevant to all visitors as your visitors have different needs at different stages of the buyers journey.

For example content you create to improve brand awareness is wasted on those returning customers that have already brought from you and understand your product.

Through segmentation comes identifying your buyer personas. Depending on your buyer personas characteristics, problems and needs you can create landing pages that reflect the keywords that are relevant.

Nuffield Health leveraged personalised landing pages with proper keywords for different buyer personas and saw 60% improvement in revenue.



Writing great content is just part of successful content marketing, make sure your content is being seen by the right people. Read part 2 to discover more content marketing promotional strategies to get ahead of your competition.

Sometimes your own website might not be the best place for this, although make sure your blog is on your website as although its not immediate results, over time it will bring organic traffic.

By reaching out to established blogs that have a very niche audience that are engaged you exactly who’s going to see your content and track which channels have worked best.

Step one is ensure your website reflects the same message as your blogs, so when people have finished reading and want to find out more on your website, its easy to navigate. 

Insynth offer a free of charge website review, giving you insight of how your website compares to others in the construction industry and how many keywords your ranking for. Get in touch today for yours!

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