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Bouncing Back: How To Reach Your Audience

Bouncing Back: How To Reach Your Audience

The proportion of construction workers furloughed has fallen below 25 per cent, according to research from Build UK this week, highlighting a slow return to normality within the industry.

As construction sites begin this long and challenging process, this blog aims to give your building products company some useful tips to help reach out to your audience. Right now, communication is key if you want to gain specification with those decision-makers in the industry. Read on to find out more.

Reach Your Audience Via Social Media

Unsurprisingly, social media statistics are up. Facebook’s Q1 2020 results have shown an increase in Daily Active Users (DAUs) of 11% year-on-year (1.7 billion). For those seeking to reach out to their audience, social media is a simple, quick and cheap way to do it.

We advocate the use of social media scheduling software such as Hootsuite and SEM rush. Scheduling your blog posts and/or case studies will allow you to prepare your updates ahead of time, ensuring consistency for your audience. Scheduling also allows you to experiment with different times of the day to ensure maximum engagement.

Social media is also a great platform to share your company updates and let people know how your building products company is adapting to the challenges of the time. Posting real-time updates is a great way to demonstrate to your audience of architects and specifiers that you’re still fulfilling orders. 

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Reaching Your Audience Through Email

Covid-19 has resulted in a surge in email marketing, as brands across all industries send updates on how they are responding to the pandemic, while also striving to stay front-of-mind for consumers. This is absolutely true for your building products company.

I’m sure you’ve witnessed how different brands have approached this current situation. Some seem to be sending updates as though things are normal, whilst others are directly addressing the impact that Covid-19 has had.

It’s all about establishing a balance. Instead of disregarding or directly addressing the pandemic, brands should now be focusing on ways to naturally weave in content that’s relevant and helpful in the current climate.

We also recommend promoting a message of safety and sustainability within your email marketing efforts. We predict these to be hot topics over the coming twelve-months as the construction industry regains operations.


Make Your CPDs Digital

Covid-19 has forced most professionals worldwide to change their habits and behaviours, relying on online solutions for things usually done face to face.

Brands that are providing their customers with easy, enjoyable and seamless online experiences during the crisis are likely to benefit from these forced behaviour changes post Covid-19.

And what better way to provide a seamless online experience than by digitising your CPD sessions? Social distancing will remain firmly in-place in the coming months, and any opportunity to reduce face-to-face interactions should be taken.

By providing an educational, fully-digital CPD, you are helping to educate your prospects whilst adhering to social distancing measures, allowing you to reach out to your audience without actually having to leave your office (whether at home or otherwise).

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Bouncing Back & Adopting New Processes To Reach Your Audience

60% of large global organisations have identified new processes that they might use post-outbreak according to Econsultancy. The general consensus around building products companies is that many of you fall into this statistic.

In a similar way to our previous point on CPDs, reaching your audience may involve virtual meetings – as opposed to face-to-face interactions. In this instance, we recommend investing in a platform that allows you to host meetings virtually. In terms of video communication software, the general winner for us is Zoom, but other options are available.

We predict that your sales teams will see the biggest change in the way they work. Reducing the amount of sales reps on the road and encouraging more virtual interactions will save time and money, allowing you to work with increased efficiency.



Reaching your audience in this digital world requires you to invest in your technology stack. This will allow you to carry out the activities mentioned in this blog post with efficiency and consistency. To read more about how to build your technology stack, read last week’s post here.

Communicating the right message at the right time is often something that companies find challenging, particularly in the wake of unexpected times. For help and support with any of the issues raised in this week’s blog, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an expert today.

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