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Bhav Bola

Bhav is a Digital Marketing Executive at Insynth Marketing. He has great enthusiasm for all things marketing and loves developing his creative ideas.

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Should You Use A HubSpot Partner Agency?

By Bhav Bola on 17-Sep-2020 14:30:00

You may've started to notice a trend in your construction marketing agency research.

The term 'HubSpot Agency' may've come up once or twice but the question is should you choose a Hubspot Partner Agency over a general agency?

That's what we'll find out here...

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3 min read

How To Decide Which Construction Marketing Agency Is Right For You

By Bhav Bola on 10-Sep-2020 10:37:29

You may have found a few agencies that you could potentially work with. But how do you decide which one to pick?

Each may have their benefits and drawbacks. That last thing you want to do is pick an agency you thought was the best for you but turns out it wasn't and you've wasted 000's on them.

That's why we've decided to give you some guidance so you pick the best agency for your needs.

Below are 5 tips to help you... take a look!

4 min read

5 Key Questions You Should Ask Construction Marketing Agencies

By Bhav Bola on 03-Sep-2020 15:04:50

Searching for a construction marketing agency for your building products business can be frustrating.

But once you find one, you may be unsure whether they will be the best fit for your business and what you hope to achieve with your marketing.

We understand.

That's why we have put together a short list of 5 key questions you should ask any construction marketing agency you may be considering, to see if they will be suitable for you.

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3 min read

What You Should Look For When Researching Marketing Agencies

By Bhav Bola on 27-Aug-2020 11:44:58

Finding the right marketing agency for you building products business can be like walking through a digital minefield.

There are so many out there it is easy to be overwhelmed.

But there is a way around this and it is not as hard as you may believe it to be!

Below are a six things you should look for when researching marketing agencies.

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4 min read

4 Considerations Before Hiring A Marketing Agency

By Bhav Bola on 14-Aug-2020 11:59:56

Searching for the right agency for your building products business can be challenging.

Identifying the strengths and differences of each agency is difficult, and identifying whether they will help you achieve your key objectives is also a challenge.

You want to make sure you find the right agency for your building products business because you're going to spend time and money so the ROI has to be worth it. 

However before searching for an agency, there are a few things you need to consider.

There are so many options it is easy to feel overwhelmed, and fall into an agency that may not be completely the best fit for your building products business.

So with that in mind here are four areas to consider before jumping on google to find your ideal agency.

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6 min read

Why Using a Construction Marketing Agency Is The Way To Go

By Bhav Bola on 07-Aug-2020 09:37:39

There are so many marketing agencies out there it can be difficult to know which one will help solve your issues. We understand that not every marketing agency is going to solve your problems.

Some questions that may have crossed you mind might've been:

  • Will a generic marketing agency do what needs to be done well?
  • Are there specialist agencies for my business niche?
  • Will they know exactly how to solve my problems?

You might think a generic marketing agency will have what it takes to solve your issues, but you might want to think otherwise...

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7 min read

Hiring In-House Or Outsourcing Your Construction Marketing: What Should You Do?

By Bhav Bola on 28-Jul-2020 16:48:47

Ahh the age old question, should you hire in-house or outsource?

A question that has most likely crossed the path of every business no matter the size or department.

Of course there is plenty of material about this online, so within this blog we are going to focus on the construction and building products industry.

Digital marketing is becoming a strong pillar in many business' marketing strategy so there's no doubt it needs to be handled one way or another.

So who handles your digital marketing?

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2 min read

Construction Marketing Agencies: The What And The Why

By Bhav Bola on 23-Jul-2020 09:12:44

Time and again construction / building products businesses choose a marketing agency because the agency has a good website or were referred to them by a trusted source.

However this may not be the most effective way to go about it. 

Finding the right specialised agency that really understands the construction industry, and all of it's nuances and dynamics, would provide more benefits than just a generalised marketing agency.

Let's find out why working with a construction marketing agency makes sense for your business.

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4 min read

Introducing Sandy: Insynth's Latest Digital Marketing Consultant

By Bhav Bola on 17-Jul-2020 10:39:20

You know what’s getting more complicated? That digital tech stuff. Even at times I don’t know where to start and what info I should listen to, and guess what my job is to stay on top of that stuff!

I remember when marketing was either TV, radio or magazines / newspapers.

Now look there are things all over the computer and phone screen. Digital marketing has really changed how we live for good. 

Changing your focus to digital marketing is now the way to go, every one else is doing it, especially your competitors.

Now Insynth has taken four new hires onboard. More building product businesses are turning to us to help them get their online strategy right and help them to grow.

Last week's blog was written about me, so I thought to take the reigns this week and write one for another fellow new hire.

I'm introducing Sandy Bassi today; so carry on reading and find out more about her...

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