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Adopting Digital: The New Way Of Communicating For Your Construction Company

Adopting Digital: The New Way Of Communicating For Your Construction Company

It’s almost hard sometimes to remember that communication hasn’t always been an instant process. Thanks to the simplicity and the ease of all the new channels that are available to us, great communication has never been so effortless, in general life and for your building product business too.

With many of us making the abrupt shift to working from home, internal and external communications have changed. Businesses that have failed to adopt a communication process that works for them may be inadequate in ensuring staff are working to high standards.

This blog will help you learn how you can adopt the new way of communicating, read on to find out more…

Visual Forms Of Communication

Video is an extremely effective tool for communication, and it can be used for networking, presentations, demos and so much more.

Your construction company should be encouraged to use video effectively — particularly to connect emotionally with your team — over other forms of communication.

Videos can be used to encourage seamless operations and it can even be used to train employees.

For example, if an individual needs help with a task you can share your screen and visually show them what they’ll need to know to understand their task.

Platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are great for this, with these platforms you can arrange meetings, conferences and even webinars.

Adopting Digital: The New Way Of Communicating For Your Construction Company

Adopting Digital: Instant Messaging

Although Zoom and Microsoft teams can be used as messaging platforms, it’s good to utilise specific messaging platforms for digital adoption.

This is because they’ll have more features to organise workspaces, share files and create separate channels.

It will also help drive efficiency within your building product business because it’ll save the time it normally takes formulating emails.

Slack is one of the best known and most widely used instant messaging apps for businesses.

It offers one-on-one messaging, group chats, individual and team audio calls as well as video conferencing.

The Google Hangouts Chat app has also grown into an excellent communication tool for businesses of different sizes.

It features deep integration with the G Suite productivity tools including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and Mail.


Utilising A Task Management Platform

Is your construction company a victim of inefficient task execution, deadlines being missed consistently and lack of team collaboration in your team?

Maybe not, however, it might the case with the current situation and the rise of remote working.

It’s time to think about executing a task management software to manage your tasks better.

Task management systems are used to manage tasks, track time, and easily collaborate with your construction team.

Aiding your team to complete tasks efficiently and without missing any deadlines.

Is a simple to-do list more your style? Or complex project management workflow? Or do you just like to see what everyone else is doing?

If so, ClickUp might be the task management platform for you.

With ClickUp you can delegate work, plot timetables, monitor your employees and create priority lists. It’s extremely user friendly and a great tool for your staff members to use.



With these platforms, you can adopt digital to adapt to the new way of communicating.

Digital adoption for online communication will help you drive efficiency for your building product business to ensure your company is operating smoothly during these unusual times.


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