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Digital PR: The 6 Best Places To Publish Construction Marketing Content

Digital PR: The 6 Best Places To Publish Construction Marketing Content

How often do you have the post delivered or dropped off on your desk, finding nothing but a pile of construction focused magazines?

All promoting various aspects of this industry, from niche product fields to more general informative publications, there can be a lot to look through. So how do you know what is right for you?
This is particularly important when you’re trying to grow your building product brand through digital PR as you want to make sure you’re getting coverage in magazines and websites relevant to your potential customers. On top of this, you want to make sure it’s in publications that are highly regarded and have potentially hundreds and thousands of eyes on them.

Where do you start?

This list breaks down some of the key construction magazines and websites, so you know exactly where to share news and articles about your building product.

The list is broken into 3 sections: building product directories and construction-focused.

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Building Product Directories For Digital PR


#1 Barbour ABI Product Search

When you think of construction and sourcing the best possible building products in the UK there’s only one place to begin your search. Barbour ABI.

Barbour ABI provides access to over 1 million live construction projects at any time, making it a fantastic starting point for architects and specifiers alike. Making sure you are regularly your building product on Barbour is essential.


#2 SpecifiedBy

Like Barbour, SpecifiedBy is another valuable tool to architects and specifiers looking for the perfect building products for their next project. Sharing updates on your building product business and the latest news you have to offer puts your product front and centre of countless construction decision-makers.


Construction Focused Magazines To Publish Your Digital PR

#3 Building

A self-proclaimed ‘pioneer for the construction industry’, online journal Building has existed for over 70 years, providing cutting edge and quality journalistic news coverage.

Covering everything from trends in the industry to the latest products and interviews with their creators, Building has become one of the most important publications in the industry.

This legacy makes Building one of the leading voices in the construction sector, somewhere you want your building product business and its stories to be heard.


#4 Construction News

Much like the previous publication, Construction News is a dedicated construction focused publication, highlighting the latest news and ongoings in the industry.

When it comes to digital PR and getting your building product business some coverage, Construction News should be top of the list. With 93% of readers in decision making roles in the industry, a small bit of PR in Construction News can be hugely beneficial for your building product brand.

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Digital PR: The Best Architecture Magazines

#5 Dezeen

With over 250,000 UK website visitors and social media followers into the millions, Dezeen is one of the most influential and important magazines based around architecture and design.

Because it is read by so many influential people in the industry, this publication is a must for your digital PR endeavours helping you get a slice of those 250,000 users.



Working in construction, you’re naturally going to be familiar with RIBA and the work they do within the industry.

The RIBA Journal is an online publication made for and read by architects. This is one of the most important places for you to focus your construction PR approach.

What’s more, advertising on RIBAJ also gives you access to a complete RIBA membership.


Understanding Building Product’s Audience For Digital PR

While the above list has highlighted a range of more general construction-oriented publications, before deciding where to share news, it’s important to ask yourself the question, “what are my potential customers reading?”

Places such as Barbour, Construction News or Building are great places to earn strong backlinks and affect your google ranking but if you know that your customers and prospects are regularly picking up other magazines or reading other websites for their building product information, target there too.

Because these niche, product-specific publications are much smaller, it means you’ll be in line to get greater PR coverage.

Digital PR is all about finding a perfect balance of industry-leading publications for backlinks and recognition, as well as niche publications, specific to your building product brand and its target audience.


Finding Your Digital PR Voice

And with that, you have the perfect plan of attack for your construction business's digital PR.

These publications only really scratch the surface. By working with your team and current customers, you can begin crafting the perfect list of publications to target.

Helping you increase brand awareness, as well as move towards the top of Google rankings, it makes sense to get you building product business out in the wider world. Digital PR is a great place to start and now you know exactly where to begin.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for construction marketing experts with a talent for all things digital PR, then you’re already in the right place. Speak to our team today.

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