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5 Ways Marketing Automation Saves Time and Money

5 Ways Marketing Automation Saves Time and Money

Marketing automation is all about streamlining your marketing processes in order to save you time. But what’s better is it can also save you money. This makes the system incredible for your team, as well as your customers, and provides exceptional ROI.

The time you save can be reallocated to prioritise and execute other elements of your marketing activities.

Marketing automation is where software and strategy combine to create a better marketing system for you and your construction business’ customers.

The tools available today allow you to automate various marketing tasks from emails to social media, as well as content management, lead nurturing and customer service.

It also gives you the tools to monitor your marketing data and track the performance of your marketing campaigns.

If you are struggling with

  • Engaging specifiers and contractors online,
  • Knowing which leads to prioritise and nurture,
  • Stressed about the time you need to do it all

...then marketing automation is the answer for you.

Read this if you would like to know more about marketing automation and how it works.

Now, I will discuss 5 incredible ways marketing automation saves you time and money.

#1 Save Time Lead Nurturing

Marketing automation tools simplify and automate lead nurturing which is known as a time-consuming task. By taking this activity out of your routine you can clearly save time. However, it also means you don’t forget to follow up on those warm leads.

It is suggested that the majority of sales require 4 or more follow ups, but most of the time this never happens because sales teams either forget or are already too jammed with tasks.

Properly thought out and implemented automated follow up emails can be set to send at certain intervals that correlate with your building product’s life cycle. They also can be filled with useful and relevant content that will lead your prospects down your sales funnel.

Structuring your follow up in a way that answers key questions about your product, before they even ask, builds trust with your customers without even having to lift a finger, and turns the automation into a sort of product education process.

#2 Maintain Your Existing Customer Base

Having automated marketing campaigns running in the background helps you build those relationships with your customer base on those key touch points – social media, email, website.

Not only does this mean you will have greater customer trust and satisfaction with your current customer base, but you also may have the opportunity to be referred to new customers through word of mouth or social media sharing.

We all know that retaining customers is cheaper than onboarding new ones, therefore using marketing automation saves you this money through engaging with your customers for you and keeping their trust and satisfaction high.

Did you know, in the next 2 years, it is thought that 85% of customer relationships with businesses will be managed without any humans being involved in the process?


#3 Sell More Through Automated Personalisation

Marketing automation allows your content management system to showcase ‘dynamic content’ which basically changes depending on who lands on the web page. Using the profile of the visitor, the page will show personalised and relevant content and offers and therefore gives your business the best chance of targeting the right person with the right product, at the right time.


Think about how Amazon shows you special deals depending on your personal browsing history and orders. What if you could implement that into your building product business’ website? It would mean you could see an average percentage increase in sales of 20%.

#4 Keep Your Socials Active

According to the Sprout Social Index, 57% of consumers will follow a brand to learn about new services. Up to 47% will continue to engage with a brand after they have followed it on social media, with 89% making a purchase.  Automating your social media marketing means you can provide consistent and valuable posts to your followers. Scheduling posts on product offers or interesting industry news means you will stay top of mind with your customer base, even if just subconsciously.

By scheduling these posts all at once you could save up to 6 hours per week and have peace of mind that you know your LinkedIn and Facebook will be running on autopilot for the next couple of weeks.

#5 Automated Lead Scoring

Using a marketing automation system, you can set up workflows and triggers that will update a leads lifecycle depending on how they interact with your website or marketing content and can also send specific targeted follow ups from these triggers.

This automation not only nurtures your leads for you, but also helps you prioritise which prospects could use a personal reach out, if they are approaching an exciting stage of the buyer’s journey.

By highlighting your most engaged leads, you save time by not wasting it on low fit prospects that aren’t ready to talk, never mind buy.


Implementing marketing automation is an extremely good idea for your construction business. It saves you time and money, and provides exceptional ROI, as well as helps you get organised.

Although it is an investment, the benefits of developing your business strategically with marketing automation software, provides you with a system that saves you money over the long term, never mind the time through reduced man hours.

Take Project Prospecta for example. The software allows you to revolutionise the way you use Barbour ABI, and provides you ROI not only on the software itself, but also from Barbour. The software uses marketing automation, as well as AI, to target construction projects ideal for your business from the Barbour database.

New call-to-action

It then uses automation in the form of soft outreach to these prospects using a series of personalised emails to introduce your product or service to these good-fit leads and start building that relationship with them. It is the definition of an effective lead nurturing automation tool.

So, that’s 5 ways marketing automation can save you time and money. Convinced? Want to learn more about marketing automation for your building products or construction business?

Read our BEGINNER'S GUIDE to Marketing Automation for Construction Companies.

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