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5 Tips for Growing Building Products Sales in 2018

5 Tips for Growing Building Products Sales in 2018



Is Your 2018 Sales And Marketing Approach Working?

Will you be trying the same sales and marketing tactics and strategies this year as you did in 2017? How successful was last year for you? Would you like 2018 to be better? Adapting your approach to the way your market is specifying and purchasing is critical if you want to beat your targets.

The way that people buy and specify today has changed. Your potential specifiers and customers will seek solutions to their problems on the internet and social media and reach out and engage with the businesses that they best trust to help overcome their challenges. Research suggests that over 80% of the buying process is now conducted online.

To tap into this new dynamic requires a different approach centred around content marketing, social media, search engine optimisation, and website design to engage with your potential customers fully and deliver qualified leads to your sales team. 


Here are five great tips to help you get started


1. The Power Of Attraction

Specifiers and buyers need you, but they may not know you exist yet, or maybe they aren't aware that you can solve their problem. These are your potential customers.

Your first job is to attract their attention, not through advertising, cold calling or other ineffective and disruptive techniques, but by being in the right place at the right time when they begin their online search.

Remember, less than 1% of your target market is likely to need your product or service at the precise moment you contact them using outbound methods. This is why traditional outbound activities such as advertising or cold calling are so ineffective and expensive.
We're not talking about promoting your product or the latest project case study at this time either. Your next great client will be searching for solutions to problems, not specific products or services. So, identify your potential customers' pain and produce content that offers advice, technical insights and solutions.

So, if you are in sales, get writing. Produce some killer content that you know will answer your potential customer's questions and get your marketing department to post it on your company blog. It won't be long until those leads start coming to you.


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2. Freely Give Your Knowledge

Your potential customers are thirsty for knowledge, and you have so much to teach them even before they are customers. 

When your potential customers engage with your business, you want to provide solid solutions to overcome the challenges and problems they face. Your visitors will readily identify themselves as leads to gain even more value and information from your company.

Not only this, but you will build authority and quickly become recognised as a thought leader within your sector, enhancing the reputation of your business, your brand and you.

So it follows that if you are the author, you become the expert. Promote your articles on your LinkedIn page and see who engages.  


3. Build Trust And Reputation

By freely providing your expertise and knowledge and being available in the right place at the right time, you gain the trust of your potential customers and build a reputation as an expert and a voice to be listened to.

So, you've built trust, gained authority and given freely of your expertise, helping your potential customer identify the best solution to their problem. Now, your lead has an obligation to reciprocate, and they are more inclined to move to become a customer.
But that isn't the end!


4. Grow Your Influence

When you deliver and meet your customers' needs, they'll become your promoters. 

As those customers tell others through word of mouth or social media, your influence grows.

Using case studies and testimonials, you can reach out via email, social media, and other channels to amplify your voice and reach a wider audience.

Attracting more potential customers with more authority and an enhanced reputation. Now you are the "voice of your industry" and the go-to guys.


5. Continuous Improvement

By using the data and analytics within your website and the HubSpot CRM system, you can learn so much about how your customers became customers. You can see what attracted them in the first place and what drew them into a buying relationship with you.
Now you can fine-tune the good stuff, bin the unproductive work and constantly improve how you attract and engage with your potential customers in the future.

Armed with this knowledge and information, your sales and marketing strategies can be fined tuned to become even more effective and profitable.


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