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5 Tips For A Great Building Product CPD

5 Tips For A Great Building Product CPD

Continuing our topic on digital CPDs for the construction industry, today we share some quick (and hopefully useful) tips for anyone thinking about creating a new CPD or improving their current learning experience.

If you’ve read any of our previous posts on this subject, you’ll know that we’re keen advocates for CPDs.

Inbound marketing is all about educating and helping your prospects, and CPDs – when done effectively – can do the same.

Let’s get into some useful tips…

Tip #1 Genuine Educational Value

Think of your CPD more as a ‘lesson’ rather than a ‘presentation’. By this, I don’t mean stand at the front of the class and hand out detentions to anyone not listening. Nor should you expect a shiny red apple at the beginning of your delivery.

Rather, you should lead with your learning objectives and ask yourself,

What do I want my audience to come away learning?

For example, if your CPD is based around your latest product (for example, a liquid applied membrane), your learning objective should be based around teaching people more about liquid applied membranes and their benefits.

Try not to be overly pushy towards your product, though. It’s important that you deliver a balanced overview. More on this later…

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Tip #2 Bring Something New To Your Construction CPD

If the information you’re aiming to convey can be easily accessed elsewhere, the chances are that it won’t deliver huge value. This will have a detrimental impact on your CPD feedback – which, in turn, will make it difficult to promote in the future.

So, aim to bring a fresh approach to the table. Remember, you’re the experts on your solution, so give your participants a fresh, new perspective. Be innovative.

Tip #3 Be Balanced in Your Construction CPD

No one wants to hear a sales pitch – least of all millennial architects. Regardless of age, however, architects are famous for not wanting to be sold to.

With that in mind, your CPD should present a balanced view on the positives and potential limitations of your product.

Whilst you want to tell people the cool things your product can do, you also need to address the inappropriate applications of your product, too.

Tip #4 Include Statutory Guidance Within Your CPD

As we’re aware, recent changes in Building Regulations have forced us all to think carefully (and differently) about our products. The same is true for architects. In fact, architects are seeking certification now more than ever.

By providing that legislative ‘kudos’, you’re giving even more value to your CPD’s main aims.

Tip #5 Go Digital

CPD comes in many forms. Networking, events, even conversations can be classed as CPD.

So, why not change your approach?

Traditionally, building product CPDs are delivered in an architectural practice in the form of a ‘presentation’.

Whilst there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this approach, there are so many benefits to making your CPD digital. Here are some of the key ones:

  • Participants can access it any time, any place, anywhere.
  • It can be hosted on your website.
  • Gating your CPD behind a landing page with a form will provide you with contact details for potential leads. With more leads, you can help to deliver a highly focussed and segmented email marketing campaign, for example.
  • You’re opening your CPD up to hundreds, potentially thousands of prospects
  • It’ll save you time & money. Once done, you won’t need to send your technical sales reps out on the road to deliver it.

The downside to a digital CPD is that your participants won’t be able to see your product in the flesh. This means that you’ll have to focus extra hard on providing high-quality imagery and video when it comes to creating your digital CPD.

However, it’s clear that the positives far outweigh the negatives here.

Plus, it’s a more ‘Covid-friendly’ way of doing things.


Are you considering delving into the world of digital CPDs? Or, do you need any assistance on converting your existing CPD?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, why not schedule in a conversation with one of our experts today?

Feel free to share your thoughts on CPDs in the comments section below.

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