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Is Inbound Marketing Dangerous For Your Business?

Is Inbound Marketing Dangerous For Your Business?

If you could unlock more sales leads of better quality with a proven change to your marketing approach, would you want to find out more? If you thought that your fiercest competitor was going to beat you to it and get those leads instead of you, would you be more compelled to act?

If you’re not using Construction Inbound Marketing techniques soon, your competition will be, and once they do, you will feel the impact on your bottom line – fast.

What Is Construction Inbound Marketing?

In one sentence, Construction Inbound Marketing is about engaging with your customers on their terms by attracting an audience, rather than bombarding them with sales and marketing messages.

So, you dial back on advertising, spammy emails, cold calling and the like, which are expensive, difficult to track and annoy the hell out of your customers. Instead, you focus on providing high quality, informative and educational content that draws customers to your website, where you can build trust and help them make the right purchasing decision for them.

The inbound methodology uses two keys elements to align your business to the ways consumers research the products and services they consider buying and using.

Copy of The Specifiers Journey

Firstly, Content. Producing high quality, educational content such as web pages, blog articles, videos and social media messages is essential. A steady stream of unbiased, informative content will build trust and, if well written and optimised for search, will improve your rankings and visibility on Google.
Now, you will get found by your potential customers when they are looking for the products and services you provide. This is important, as research indicates that as few as 19% of B2B buyers contact supplier salespeople for advice and that as much as 80% of the buyer journey is now carried out online.
The way people buy has changed. If you do not evolve to this new dynamic, it will negatively impact your sales and your bottom line and could even wreck your business.
Now a start-up business can quickly be battling it out, toe-to-toe, with long-established multi-nationals in terms of audience share on the internet. Success is no longer dictated by advertising spend; it is driven by engagement. The better you reflect your audience’s needs, the more successful you will be.
This is where the second element comes into force, Context. If you understand your ideal customer’s problems and issues and address these challenges with content produced to help solve their issues, they will begin to trust you and want to work with you to solve their problems.
So, in a nutshell, inbound is a philosophy adopted by those who understand that freely providing helpful content that prospects need, on-demand, is more profitable (and cost-effective) than traditional methods that interrupt your potential customer to tell them what you want to sell to them.
Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

The great news is that the Inbound approach is proven to be cost-effective and a long-term solution, but it also produces better and more traceable ROI on your sales and marketing activity.

Align this marketing approach with your sales process, and you can drive your business growth and achieve your professional and personal goals more quickly.

Adopt Inbound Marketing Now

The big opportunity is that not many companies are doing this yet, so the early adopters will have an opportunity to significantly improve their Google rankings, generate more leads and grow their business at the expense of their competitors. On the flip side, if your competitor goes first, there will be less of the pie for you.

By utilising Construction Inbound Marketing techniques in a holistic manner that includes content marketing, social media, search engine optimisation, CRM, and website design to engage with your potential customers fully, we can increase high-quality qualified leads for your sales team. In my own business, we grew the sales pipeline from £7m to £15m in 1 year using Inbound techniques.

If you are interested in finding out more about growing your business with Inbound Marketing, book a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Construction Marketing Experts.


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At Insynth we deliver a predictable flow of leads, customers, and specifications for building product brands through our inbound marketing approach, proven to reach a technically demanding audience.

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