Are you finding it hard booking sales meetings Are you finding it harder to book a sales appointment?
Booking sales meetings used to be the key to sales success.  Now it is almost impossible to fill your diary.  What is happening and how can you change things?

Why Does No One Want To Meet With You?

Well, I've just spent the week with various sales teams, listening to their pains and challenges in the digital age.  A common theme was very quickly evident with everyone.  They were all really struggling booking sales meetings - and when they did, the appointment often got cancelled.

Emotions were high, and spirits low.  here are some of the phrases used;

  • "People are too busy to see us"
  • "We're not valued by our customers"
  • "We can't even get to talk to people, we're just told to send an email - which never gets answered"
  • "They already know what we do"
  • "If they need us they will find out about us on the internet"

This problem of booking sales meetings for salespeople is becoming more and more common, and the change is irreversible.

To compound things, how often do you get a minimum of four meetings per day target, because people buy from people, and you need to press the flesh to get the order!  So, the sales team crunches the calls to chase an ever diminishing return on meetings booked, eroding your most valuable commodity.  Time.  Stopping you doing the thing you love the most. Selling!!

You get a hard time for not booking sales meetings, so you focus on that,  you eat up all your time trying to book appointments, you get no time to sell, then you get grief for missing your targets, then during your review your Boss tells you that you need to see more people to get your figures back on track!!  Eat, Sleep, Cold Call, Repeat.  You know this is true, just like I do, as I was once that sales guy and also later that Boss.


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Wow, The Irony.

Something needs to change, and we need to recognise that the way people buy has changed.  Let's get a few facts out there first.  a Google study in 2016, showed that 46% of B2B buyers are now millennials, that's people under the age of 35.  That had almost doubled in just 2 years.  Millennials are digital natives, so their first port of call, when they want to research something, is to reach for their smartphone, tablet or PC (usually in that order too!).

They don't want to be disrupted by anyone who is not helping them resolve the problem or challenge they are facing at that very moment.  And that is the issue, the chances of you calling someone to inform them of your solution, when they are looking for it, or have that pain is remote, very, very remote.

So How Do You Engage?

The answer now is to publish the answers to the questions that your customers are likely to ask online, on your blog and on your website.  Do this correctly, with good SEO and promotion via social media and you will soon be ranking highly for the exact phrases that your potential buyers are searching for.

Once these buyers find you, they will engage with you, and identify themselves to you via "inbound Leads".  You now have a stream of self-qualified sales leads from potential buyers who are likely to be somewhere along the buying process for your products or services.

Now when you reach out to these people, in a timely and professional fashion offering to help them achieve their goals, you are far more likely to be able to get that sales meeting.

Do You Need Some Help?

By utilising Inbound Marketing techniques in a holistic manner that includes content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, CRM and website design to fully engage with your potential customers we can increase high quality qualified leads for your sales team.  In my own business, we grew the sales pipeline from £7m to £15m in 1 year by using Inbound techniques.

If you are interested in finding out more, why not book a free, no obligation consultation with one of our Construction Marketing Experts to see how you can accelerate your sales growth.


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