Construction Marketing That Works (1)Are you finding opportunities harder to come by?  Are you struggling to find new leads, and when you do, your competitors are already involved?  

Are your website leads few and far between?  Are your competitors ahead of you in Google? Are you having to use expensive PPC to generate website traffic? 

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then something needs to change. If you don’t, where will you be in twelve months’ time?

You’re Not Alone - Sales Is Getting Tougher

From our conversations with business owners, these challenges are being faced by countless building product companies, while those who have cracked the new way of marketing are forging ahead and rapidly capturing market share.

Do any of these comments ring true with you?

  • “Our sales team do well when they get in front of people; they just need more opportunities to speak to the right people” – MD of a global plumbing product manufacturer
  • “We struggle to get through to anyone on the phone or to let alone through the door. And, when we do get a meeting, it regularly gets cancelled.“ – Regional Sales Manager of a growing HVAC product supplier
  • “We’re struggling to generate leads from advertising and exhibitions anymore. This kind of marketing just doesn’t seem to be working like it used to.”  - Marketing Director of
  • “Our website doesn’t do much for us, and we’re not sure our customers are even visiting it to look for our products or services” – MD of global treatment systems consultants
  • “We know that we need to promote our business, but our budgets are tight. We're happy to invest in marketing that works. We just don't know what works; so, we end up doing very little in case we’re wasting our money.” – MD of Industrial Processes Business

Why Inbound Marketing Works

The internet has been a game changer for many industries – new business models have evolved, and old ones have died – just compare Amazon and Blockbuster.

In 2018 we are witnessing a quantum shift in the way buying and selling is conducted in the construction industry.

Radical change is obvious personally in our daily lives when we use our phones to research a purchase; ask Google, Siri, Cortana, or Alexa a question; seek out reviews of products using our phones; and compare prices online.

Engineers seek out other experts discussing technical questions on social media. Architects seek the newest product design options from online e-magazines. A procurement manager looks for product suppliers on an industry website, a CEO of a small business looks for marketing advice using LinkedIn, and a salesperson tries to connect with prospects on Twitter or Instagram.

The question is no longer whether buyers are changing, but rather how business leaders change the way that their business operates and succeeds given this new dynamic.

This example is becoming all too familiar with the people we speak to;

A Sales Director was recently hosting an open day at the new offices of his company.  Long-standing clients attended the event to learn more about a range of new products that were now available from this roofing product manufacturer.

The MD of a large existing customer walked up to the Sales Director and said, “We’ve researched a bunch of manufacturers online and narrowed down our search to two companies, you and another.  We eliminated 3 of your competitors based upon product features, price and reputation.  Can we sit down soon to discuss a major requirement we have coming up in the next few months.”

This existing customer had not spoken to anyone from this manufacturer, or his competitors about their requirement, before narrowing down his search for this £250,000 purchase.   He had eliminated the competitors using online search and other available digital information.

Most of the Sales Director’s competitors became aware of this contract until AFTER the order was placed.  The buying process was over 80% complete before any salesperson got wind of it.

This is where Inbound works; you use your website and social media to create value for your marketplace and build so much trust and awareness in your brand, that you attract all of the best customers to you because of your authority and reputation.

Inbound is proven to generate 3x more leads for a fraction of the cost of traditional outbound marketing.

Unlike advertising or trade shows, Inbound is evergreen.  So, you won’t just get a short burst of leads, you will continue to receive enquiries and website traffic from your content marketing for years to come, and the more you do, the better you rank and the more leads you will generate.

What Are The Results?

Although the wider sales benefits of Inbound can take 3-6 months to materialise, there are demonstrable shifts in sales and marketing activity that can be seen quickly. 

Here are two examples of clients who have seen early results.


“The keyword research that Insynth carried out identified untapped streams of potential website visitors.  They produced authoritative blog content and within 2 days we were ranking at No.1 for a high-volume phrase, beating Argos!  We’ve seen a 20% increase in website traffic and a significant increase in sales enquiries.  In six months, we can identify over £100,000 worth of sales directly linked to the work that Insynth have done for Contour.” – Robin Mansell, Contour Heating Products

Luxury Pools

“Before we started with Inbound Marketing, we used to receive 2 or 3 enquiries per month for indoor swimming pool projects.  Within 2 weeks of employing these new methods and starting to blog, we saw new leads directly attributable to the work Insynth were doing.  We now generate leads daily and we’re submitting quotes for £150,000 projects every week.”  - Tony Kirk, Luxury Pool Sauna Spa

Why not take advantage of the new Inbound Starter Plan from Insynth to test Inbound in your business.

The Inbound Starter Plan

The Insynth Inbound Starter Plan has been designed to help small-to-medium sized businesses, with tighter marketing budgets, but a real desire and ability to grow.

For a small investment, you can trial inbound, employ world class sales and marketing technology and gain traction with lead generation.

For less than the cost of one ad placement, or a fraction of the cost of a trade show, you can generate more high-quality leads than both combined would have produced.

The plan includes HubSpot Free Sales, Marketing & CRM software, along with other free digital marketing tools for managing your email marketing and social media.

Ongoing Activity

This is what you can expect from Insynth as part of your Inbound Starter Plan;

  • A 2000+ word, high authority, pillar post every quarter to form basis of a strategic topic cluster.
  • 2 original technical blog posts of at least 500 words per month. The blog will be written exclusively for your business by our talented in-house content team and posted onto your website.
  • Promotion of your blog posts on key social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook)
  • Production of a quarterly Ebook or Whitepaper to drive lead generation.
  • Monthly Keyword Tracking and Reporting (Up To 25 keywords).
  • Monthly review meeting.

Kick-off Activity

To get your plan off to a winning start, we will carry out the following strategic and foundation work, to ensure that we best the best possible results for you during your trial.

  • An 2-hour strategic review with a senior Construction Marketing Consultant.
  • In-depth keyword research to understand what your customers are searching for.
  • Produce a 3-month content marketing plan
  • Create a Buyer Persona for a key customer type (x1 per quarter)
  • Conduct a content audit to pull together all of your key sales and marketing assets in one place
  • Add the HubSpot tracking code onto your website
  • Add Google Analytics and Google Search Console code to your site
  • Adding lead generation forms onto your WordPress website
  • Importing current customer data onto HubSpot (up to 1,000 contact records)
  • Setting up HubSpot sales Inbox onto your sales and marketing teams Office 365 or Gmail accounts (from £25 per user)

How Much Does The Plan Cost?

We’re offering this starter plan for a heavily discounted price of just £495 per month, subject to a minimum 6 month contract.

There are no hidden costs, and towards the end of the 6 months, we get together, review the results and agree how we move forward.

The contract finishes at the end of 6 months unless you renew – there are no strings or catches.

What If It Doesn't Work?

We are so confident that the Inbound methodology will work, that we are offering a 100% moneyback guarantee if we don't;

  • Generate Sales Leads From Our Work
  • Improve Your Google Rankings For Tracked Keywords, or
  • Attract New Visitors To Your Website

100 Money Back Guarantee

How Do We Find Out More Or Get Started?

Simply fill out the form below, and we can see if Inbound could be right for your business and plan a date to get things started.